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How to do the '+1 and share with Public'

Step 1

Click on +1 and wait for the little bubble

Click on the white +1 button. It will turn blue and a bubble will appear (shown in next picture). If it disappears, move the mouse and then put it on top of the now blue button again.

Step 2

Click on the textbox inside the +1 bubble

When you see the little bubble come out of the +1 button, click on the textbox in it.

Step 3

Click on 'Add people or circle to share with'

In the lower part of the snippet, right above the "Share" button, there is a textbox that allows you to choose who you're sharing this with. Please click on it

Step 4

Make sure to select to share with Public

In the list, select 'Public'

Step 5

Make sure to select to share with Public

To complete your post, click 'Share'